Concrete pool coping color is altered by many factors, including cement and aggregate color, slump, finishing practices, and curing method. Using these contemplated materials and construction techniques, representative samples should be cast for approval, especially when the color matching is important.


Our Terrazzo shop is working year round producing our pool coping in custom colors, on a per job basis. We always recommend contacting us as early as possible to address your terrazzo pool coping needs. Our lead times can range from 4-8 weeks depending on the project size and our current list of processing jobs.

Pool Coping Terrazzo Stone
Terrazzo Projects

We work hand and hand with our clients; whether it be an architect, contractor, or homeowner. We showcase our nine most popular pool coping colors, but for an additional charge we can create new formulas. In these instances, we would need an inspiration piece sent to us as a visual sample.

Birmingham CC Finished pool coping