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Creating Custom Colors

At Federal Stone, we showcase and recommend our 10 most popular color selections, we often get asked to "match" a color choice. While we stray away from the word "match", we do pride ourselves on being able to get very, very close to an intended inspiration. Batching custom concrete colors is far different than mixing paint, due to a wide array of variables. Concrete is very porous, so shades can change when the piece is dry vs. wet. We would like to know which shade is more important to get close to. In order to keep the concrete a uniform shade without much change, then a sealer can be added to stop the penetration of moisture. We've developed over 500 formulas for custom colors, so please feel free to inquire about these services. In order to begin the process, we would need a physical sample or swatch of the color inspiration. You would then pick out the coping profile you'd like to see this color, so that it will best represent your finished look. For a small charge we will batch a few different shades of your color choice and then mail the samples to you for approval. This process can take between 2-3 weeks depending on the time of year, due to recipe creation, mixing, curing, and polishing.

**Here is an example of a color cube a customer sent us and the resulting sample we created for design approval.

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