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handmade since 1965

Pool Coping Ingredients

Our precast pool coping is a hand-made product; therefore emotions are involved and pride is established by being a part of a creation. Each hand crafted piece’s one-of-a-kind history makes it unique. Slight variances in thickness and color are common characteristics of a hand-made product. When the extension of this product, to our customer, produces a smile; then we feel quality has been obtained.


For over 50 years, Federal Stone® has used a proprietary mix design when casting each stone. We've researched and used only the best raw  ingredients available to us. At times, we've been forced to make changes based on external factors, so variations can be expected. Just know though, the material make-up of each stone is why you buy Federal pool coping.

Federal Stone Coping

Once the pre-cast mix is in the mold, we take special attention to ensure the stones are as level as possible. Each mold is individually checked and any adjustments are made before moving to the next. Our QC team brings the molds to their final resting place where they will cure overnight. 

Pool Coping

As the concrete hardens, a stone is born. Our coping team removes each stone from their mold and inventories them appropriately. The stones are then given the necessary care; from sanding the edges to filling in any holes with a special patch mixture. The stone is then placed on a curing rack where it awaits it's next move. 

Pool Coping

Once the stone is fully cured, it is hand carried to one of our shipping pallets. The stone gets protected by foam to shield it from any shipping damages. After an entire order is hand-packed, it goes to our inspector who will take pictures and confirm quantities and type. With his approval, the crate gets nailed up, bagged and strapped, ready for it's departure.  

Pool Coping
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