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our stone series.

We hand make numerous pool coping options, allowing clients to customize the look and feel of their swimming pool all while giving the form and function needed. Our precast coping is a popular choice, offering versatility in design, color, and texture with a wide range of shapes and finishes. Our different series options provide elegant and timeless appeal. With these diverse options, homeowners can select the perfect pool coping to enhance the beauty and functionality of their outdoor oasis.

Pool Coping profiles and options

what is precast pool coping?

​    Precast pool coping refers to the pre-made or precast units that are used to cap or edge the perimeter of a swimming pool. Coping serves both functional and aesthetic purposes in pool construction.

Water Containment:

    One of the primary functions of pool coping is to act as a barrier that prevents water from infiltrating the area behind the pool shell. This helps in maintaining the structural integrity of the pool by avoiding water damage to the surrounding materials, such as the pool's foundation and the adjacent deck or patio.


Edge Protection:

    Pool coping serves as a protective barrier around the edge of the pool. It shields the pool's edges from damage caused by exposure to chemicals, UV radiation, and the wear and tear that can occur over time. This protection extends the lifespan of the pool's construction materials.



    Coping provides a smooth and level surface around the pool, which helps to prevent tripping hazards and provides a safe walking area for pool users. It can also act as a buffer between the pool water and the pool deck, reducing the risk of slips and falls.



    The coping material is often designed with user comfort in mind. It provides a comfortable and slip-resistant surface for swimmers to grip, sit, or lean against while in the pool. This enhances the overall enjoyment and usability of the pool area.


Aesthetic Enhancement:

    While primarily functional, pool coping also plays a significant role in enhancing the pool's aesthetics. It adds a finished and polished look to the pool's edge, contributing to the overall visual appeal of the pool area. Coping is available in various styles, colors, and textures to complement the pool's design and the surrounding landscape.

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