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Pool coping - Lazy river, pool and splash pad


Pool coping - samples

Our Stones

We have been hand-casting our stones since 1965. With over 80 profiles to choose from, we can fit your pool's needs.

Pool coping - Drying

Our Color Options

If you're looking to upgrade from our natural white, check out our colored terrazzo options.


Founded in 1965, Federal Stone® Company started producing swimming pool coping and distributing pool products out of it's current location in Thurmont, Maryland. In 1972, Gus Rethemeyer purchased Federal Stone® and incorporated to Federal Stone® Industries, Inc. and focused the business solely on manufacturing pre-cast products. From that moment, Federal Stone® Industries, Inc. was centered on family. 

We enjoy working hard to produce the best quality coping to our customer's everyday; growing our legacy for generations to come. What we believe is the most fantastic part of our business is not just the incredible longevity, it is our family. 

In September 2014, we lost our "inaugural leader", so his son, David Rethemeyer, was promoted to President. Federal Stone® Industries, Inc. is not just the Rethemeyer Family though; we are all a team. The men and women at Federal Stone® is what makes our product great. 

Our leading position in the industry is a result of listening to our customers needs. We manufacture our product at a fair market price to meet the quality, quantity, and delivery specifications of our valued customers over and over again. With over 160 solar panels, we consider our facility as a "green manufacturing plant" in that we produce enough power to run our operation, while the excess is distributed back to our community. 

Our goal is to earn our customer's trust, based on meeting expectations. In doing so, we hope to continue to lead in our market place, grow our business, fund our ongoing operations, reward our employees, and support the community and environment in which we operate.

Pool Coping- Stacked
Pool coping - Sand
Pool Coping - Handmade


Pool Coping - Rows

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