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One of the primary functions of pool coping is to act as a barrier that prevents water from infiltrating the area behind the pool shell. This helps in maintaining the structural integrity of the pool by avoiding water damage to the surrounding materials, such as the pool's foundation and the adjacent deck or patio.

What is pool coping? A guide for Federal Stone pool coping

what is pre-cast pool coping?

why Federal Stone® pool coping?

Our pool coping is acclaimed for its safety benefits and paralleled surface feel. We take pride in our product because these features are critical in todays market. Our leading position in the industry is a result of listening to our customers needs. We manufacture our product at a fair market price to meet the quality, quantity and delivery specifications of our valued customers over and over again.


40+ coping profiles to meet every pool project need.


standard and custom color

matching available.

classic to modern options and everything in between.

Why choose Federal Stone pool coping? Check out these reasons why Federal Stone Pool Coping is #1


in-house mold shop

for custom stone options.


wide variety of radius options 

available in most profiles.



quality materials built to last and handmade with pride.

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our most popular coping.

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